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Fir Detox Box

The Fir Detox Box is a type of sauna that produces infrared heat. Your body receives the infrared heat waves directly without the air within the Detox Box being heated up. That provides you with a more comfortable environment compared to a traditional sauna without the effects being compromised. Toxins accumulate inside of your body over the course of your daily life. Toxins are harmful and thought to contribute to numerous lifestyle-related diseases like diabetes and heart disease.

Perspiration is induced by the Detox Box which enables you to sweat the toxins out from your body. It has been shown that the Far infrared sauna relieves cuts, lesions, burns, psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Far infrared rays support the cell's energy as well to help cell functions which results in more radiant, smoother and softer skin. When this treatment is used continuously, it has been shown to reduce cellulite significantly and greatly help with weight loss. Also, since a bio-spectrum light is incorporated by the Fir Detox Box, it also provides a beneficial "sunshine effect" to beat the blues that can occur during the winter months.

Non-Toxic Dental Hygiene

There are so many toxic ingredients in the toothpaste we use everyday. We will post more content on this soon, but a natural toothpaste alternative may be better for you.

Understanding Why Detox Is Important

Toxins build up in the body over time, causing many key systems in the body to function inadequately. This can lead to problems with fatigue, irritability and poor concentration. It can also weaken the immune system, opening the door to unwanted illnesses. A body that is full of toxins is much more susceptible to everything from colds and viruses to pain from chronic conditions such as arthritis. Once toxins reach a certain level, medications are not as effective as they once were, simply because the body has a hard time absorbing them. That means that it is harder to find relief from all of the symptoms that plague you.

Understanding What Toxins Are

In today's society, we are constantly bombarded by chemicals. Chemicals are everywhere including in our water, food, and air. Activities like smoking and drinking alcohol add to the problem, introducing even more toxins into our bodies.

FYI: The Northern Lights Holistic Spa Is No Longer Open For Business.

Thank you to all their customers over the years.

From ancient civilizations to modern day, there are certain philosophies and also techniques that are timeless, especially when it comes to natural and holistic health and healing. This site should shed some light on this. But remember, always reach out to your local health provider before starting new health regimines or treatments.

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